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As everyone is aware, Results of general elections are going to be announced on 16th of this month.
In this regard, we are planning for a Wikidata labelathon for Indian parliamentarians who are declared win - constituency wise in these elections.

Small Doubt : Location is given as
At your homes, over a cup of coffee!//

And you call it as A2K's event . Don't you think its taking undue credit for the work which community is doing ?

This will involve creating label for each parliamentarian and a description that says which constituency, state and party that politician is from.
This will ensure that each language has at least a single line about each of the elected public representatives.
Those who are interested, please fill in your names in the event page here : https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/India_Access_To_Knowledge/Events/Indian_Parliamentarian_Label-a-thon
This project would run for 2 month period, and ensure that this labeling happens in all Indian languages.

For any other help, please feel free to contact.

I need a help . How is the metrics being set , for A2K driven wikidata update and community driven wikidata updates ?
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Rahimanuddin Shaik

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