Thanks for acknowledging that

belongs to you.

None of the community members and FDC knew about the popular existence of the user name The Solipsist and that is the reason HPN highlighted that it is a new account in Meta.

Given that your English Wikipedia user name

clearly mentions your affiliation to CIS, you could have used

Or, you could have linked to your English Wikipedia user page.

Or, you could have at least declared your professional affiliation when HPN asked.

If you had done that, a CIS staff agreeing with the concerns / questions of the community can only add more weight to it. And when you differ with the community's view point, FDC could have judged its merit keeping in mind your professional affiliation.

Except for a single Wikipedian, there was no one else from the Wikimedia India community strongly supporting the proposal. In this context, it is important that FDC knows the affiliation of each commenter.

I request you to link both user accounts now and let us leave it to the FDC to decide if anything could be considered lobbying.

The other issues you have highlighted regarding the larger movement in India deserve to be discussed in a new thread.

A final note:

I see that many are complaining about the noise, personal attacks and trolling in this list and elsewhere.

I hope that the fact Wikipedia itself is collaboratively written irrespective of all such issues can be appreciated.

Indian Wikimedia community is a self-regulating one and it had spoken up in the past whenever appropriate to keep its dignity and integrity intact.

So let us focus on the real issues instead of viewing the community with the following attitude.

“Don’t wrestle with pigs:
you’ll get all muddy and the pigs will like it"

Isn't that the quote often attributed to the Canadian-American labour union mediator Cyrus S. Ching that you were mentioning?

Strangely, this reminded me of