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Please share these with a fresh email.

Only thing that makes sense is updates made to the Team page.

Other changes you made so far are not inclined with this[ 1]
The numbers shown here [2] are not inclined with Evaluation tools shown here [1]?

These reports don't show any evaluation and outcome of the A2K's work. Thus all your replies to me seem meaningless.

Though we had put out a draft of the Work-plans in April 2013, the community review and WMF approval took some time (i.e. until July 2013). Also many activities as per the plans began operational from July. We are committed to undertaking the quarterly review exercise as per the parameters set out here [1], but from July onwards. This has been mentioned here too [2]. We are currently working towards sharing this for the period July-Sept. 2013.  For the period until June 2013 we believe we have shared a comprehensive report here [3].

As mentioned here[1], please conduct anonymous community survey. Please elaborate more how and when you intend to do this with the help of WMF and Community.

As I understand from the above you are asking about the participatory and continuous mode of evaluation as part of which we proposed two tools (and none talked about anonymity). One is to have a "Community Advisory Team" (CAT) and the second to have a "Quarterly Community Survey" (QCS). We quickly realized that we were very ambitious while suggesting these tools, however unfortunately there is not appreciable progress on these :(   With regard to having a CAT we have tried our best in encouraging the community members but not much enthusiasm was shown. In fact this is one of the key learning and a challenge that we discussed here [4]. Of the 5 focus languages, except for Telugu Wikimedia community, which has done a sort of introspection [5], a systematic community driven evaluation could not be done in the rest. Yes, QCS is a pending action item and I would get back to the WMF with a reminder on this. It will be great to hear from you and others on how one could develop this tool.