Dear Dhanalakshmi,

Maybe you could translate a few things for us.

I see that the discussion is between two Wikipedians and the discussion is happening on the talk page where such a discussion should happen widely on the village pump (unless you have a local alternative). It seems like a bilateral process and not a consensus-driven one. I might be wrong here, but the recommended steps would involve a consensus among the community members allowing multiple point of views to have a consensus. Based on that consensus, the accused Wikipedian can be blocked temporarily or permanently. Blocking arbitrarily is not a healthy practice.

I am sharing this as you shared about an incident that is super local in a larger mailing list. To me, it is important to have the discussion locally first to arrive at a consensus before sharing here. But it is all up to you from the Kannada community.


On Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 12:51 PM Dhanalakshmi K. T. <> wrote:

I don't know what happened to my email. I had sent the email to the list on Oct 14, 2019. But it reached the list only on Oct 28, 2019. As many have suggested as reply to the email, I have already written in Kannada and Tulu Wikipedia Village Pumps, after sending the email.  

Dhanalakshmi K T

On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 8:00 PM pavan santhosh <> wrote:
Hello Asaf,

Nice to hear from you. Thanks for making things clear. Kudos to your point
on balancing between quality of content and welcoming new Wikipedians. I
don't think that they are contradicting tasks. In long run, developing an
environment where experienced editors will step in and help newbies
understand how to contribute quality content that sticks to the core
content policies is, ideally, something that we need to work on. Hope we
will find another platform/thread to discuss such steps.

Bye for now.

Thanks & Regards,

On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 3:45 PM Asaf Bartov <> wrote:

> More explicitly: Wikipedia communities are self-governing.  This means
> this mailing list has no particular ability to regulate behavior on the
> Kannada or Tulu Wikipedias.  It is to your fellow community members on
> those wikis that you should complain about the newbie-biter's behavior.
> Those communities should step up and stop the newbie-biting if they are
> interested in welcoming newcomers and seeing their community grow.
> (Remind people -- on-wiki -- that avoiding newbie-biting *does not* equal
> compromising on quality; it's just a better attitude to showing newcomers
> their mistakes or where (and how!) an article can be improved.)
> Cheers,
>    A.
> On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 4:31 AM pavan santhosh <>
> wrote:
>> Hey Dhanalakshmi KT,
>> This is worth discussing in WP:Village pump as Ashwin sir suggested. I
>> believe discussions in Tulu and Kannada Wikipedia helps to resolve issue
>> better.
>> On Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 5:45 PM Dhanalakshmi K. T. <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> We are all aware of Newbie biting. One editor by User name Lokesha
>>> kunchadka
>>> <> who
>>> is indulging in Newbie biting in Kannada and Tulu Wikipedias from almost
>>> last 2-3 months. He was issued a warning by the admin in Kannada Wikipedia,
>>> link is here
>>> <>
>>> .
>>> I have been conducting Diversity Editathons from last 3 months. One of
>>> the major aims of these editathons is to bring more women editors. Before
>>> the new editor completes the article this person jumps in and adds
>>> templates to imply the article is not of good quality. The new editors,
>>> especially the women editors, are scared to continue editing because of
>>> this newbie biting. Apart from this I had written an article on 13th
>>> October 2019 with the template Under constriction for which he commented
>>> saying there is no such topic. I was planning to complete the article with
>>> reference to the title today.
>>> I would like to hear suggestions from experienced people on how do deal
>>> with this kind of situation.
>>> Regards,
>>> Dhanalakshmi K T
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