Hi Folks,

A few months ago, the Foundation asked Tory Read to travel to India and listen and learn and write about the movement in India.  The objective was to harvest experiences and learnings and to have an open discussion around what we could all do to further the movement.

This isn't in the form of a (possibly) long & boring report - but in the form of a story.  (Tory's a professional researcher, writer and former journalist.)  To put this together, Tory travelled for a couple of weeks  across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and across towns in Kerala - attending community meet-ups and meeting up/speaking with a host of individual community members (in these cities and indeed beyond.)

Tory's tale is called, "The India Chronicles", and is available on Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_India_Chronicles_(150dpi).pdf

Do have a read through and do share your views on it - positives and negatives - and do feel free to comment on any aspect of it.  It would be wonderful to have an engaging conversation on this.

Warmest Regards,