On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 17:14, Achal Prabhala <aprabhala@gmail.com> wrote:

As moderators of WikimediaIndia-l, could you describe the policy you
normally adopt towards moderation?

This is not a primer, but one thing I changed today was increasing message size from 40 KB to 240 KB. Ideally mailing lists dont encourage attachments / huge mails, but sometimes like today Bala had to attach since he couldnt upload to commons.If any of you feel the limit of 240 KB is high / low, please comment. Also remember under current setting anything above 240 KB will not come instantly, patience appreciated :) I think its better to mail a list ettiqute every month annoucing list guidelines since there will be lot of newbies to mailing list (like it will prevent invitations to join blah blah etc). I will put a wiki page on this soon. This will also help people aware of general mailing list ettiqute (lets not call it policy :) )

Srikanth L