The report would have been written earlier, the accounts submitted to the Chapter and anything released to the Community only be done once due process at the Chapter end is over hence the time delay. If you could kindly specify which person/s spent "thousands of hours" on the WikiConference and was/were criticised then one can answer what was the rationale behind the complaints against him/her/them, if any.


On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 8:43 PM, Ravishankar <> wrote:
Hi User:Prad2609 and AroundTheGlobe,

* For a report written 6 months after the event, I find it completely unprofessional and shamefully name calling. You have pushed the people who have spent thousands of hours helping to the footer while criticising all the people prominently upfront.

* Was the conference conducted by two people or the Mumbai Wikipedia community? If you two are too busy to answer questions, there should be other responsible members who can answer.

* Where can I find the finance / audit report on how the $40,000 grant and the user registration money was spent?

I don't think this report does any good for Indian Wikipedia community to organise any collaborative event in future. You should learn to assume responsibility, thank the positive help and suggest best practices instead of writing sob stories.


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