Hi All,
As some of you might be aware that around this time last year, we had seen our gu.wikisource.org coming in existence. To Celebrate its first anniversary, we have planned an event[1] on 31st March. The event will be held at Rupayatan[2], which is a host institution for the reputed Narasinh Mehta Award (the largest) in the field of Gujarati Literature, and situated near Historic town of Junagadh and at the foothills of Girnar. Gujarati wiki community cordially invites you all to the event.
In addition to this, I am conducting 2 more events, one at Gujarat Vidyapith[3], where more than 1500 students and teachers will be viewing the event through video link. That is planned for 29th March. There will be a workshop/wiki Academy conducted as well for the interested students.
Third event is planned in Mumbai, where a substantial number of Gujarati speaking population resides. on 6th April, I and another Gujarati Wikimedian (who is my fellow admin on gu:ws) will be presenting at Zarukho, a group of Gujarati Authors, Poets, and people of Gujarati Stage and like minded people. A typical gathering to the group's monthly event range from 80 to 250 attendees.
All who can attend any of these events are welcome.
[1] http://gu.wikisource.org/wiki/વિકિસ્રોત:પ્રથમ_વર્ષગાંઠ
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupayatan
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gujarat_Vidyapith