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1) On-spot India Chapter membership for visitors if they wish.

Was : Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] Proposal: Wikipedia participation at 'Kolkata Book Fair 2012' 

I think we are going for numbers game here. Whats the point of on-spot membership? Seriously, does having 50,000 chapter members do any great thing for Wikipedia? I seriously fail to understand (in the past, future), what can the chapter do with just so many members who do not have an idea about Wikipedia community and many of whom may not go beyond attending meetups and conferences.

Sorry if am sound odd here, I just dont like this part of chapter, where the chapter instead of instilling confidence in community and making them members, chooses people who attend a meetup / conference / stall to become its members.(In many cases makes someone member of chapter without having a clue about it. I personally know this since my friend who happen to accompany me to a meetup, just because he had nothing else to spend time is a chapter member now) I do not mean any offense to any of those who sign up(they may be genuinely interested, good guys), but just fail to understand what we are trying to achieve with chapter membership numbers.