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Date: Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 10:54 AM
Subject: [Wikimania-l] Scholarship for 2020 Wikimania now open
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Wikimania is fast approaching, this year it'll be held in Bangkok and as always the Wikimedia Foundation has a limited number of opportunities to assist people to attend. There are two types of scholarships the first being a full scholarship which covers, travel, accommodation, and registration, the second a  partial scholarship that covers accommodation and registration.

This year for the first time East, South East Asia, and Pacific  (ESEAP) as collaboration between the region we'll be your host for Wikimania.  The region has placed a high importance on collaboration and knowledge sharing this years Wikimania program will reflect that. Our theme is;
Power of Diverse Collaboration
Sharing knowledge brings people together

How does this impact on scholarship? ESEAP is looking for people who are prepared to share their knowledge to help develop potential future leaders.  We'll be looking for two broad areas of contributions, from those who have successfully developed programs, and those  newer contributors who want to develop their skills to do more but have never been to a Wikimania to broaden their support networks.

As you apply please agree to share your details with the local affiliate should they also have scholarships available. When answering questions if you have urls to reports, dashboards, and events please provide them. Rather than writing lots of words again let your past recordings speak.  

On behalf of the ESEAP community, and the Scholarship committee we look forward to seeing you in Bangkok in August.

Wikimania Scholarship committee Co-chair

Power of Diverse Collaboration
Sharing knowledge brings people together
Wikimania Bangkok 2020
August 5 to 9 
hosted by ESEAP

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