I am forwarding this email since my official wikimedia india email is still getting blocked.

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From: Yohann Thomas <yohannvt@wikimedia.in>
Date: Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 10:45 PM
Subject: Open letter to the community
To: Wikimedia Chapter India Google group <wmin-members@googlegroups.com>, Wikimedia India Community list <wikimediaindia-l@lists.wikimedia.org>
Cc: EC Wikimedia India <wikimedia-in-exec@lists.wikimedia.org>, Ravishankar Ayyakkannu <ravidreams@wikimedia.in>

Dear Community

I regret to inform you that Wikimedia India has not been give periodic updates regarding the activities of the chapter. This is in spite of the fact that the last year, we have been doing many activities & making great strides in reaching out to the community.Apart from that,Wikimedia India has also not been open about the obstacles which currently our organization is facing. 

1.) No Monthly Reports were being circulated by the Office Bearer’s at Wikimedia India. Major updates regarding to different activities were given to the community, but a periodic update was not given to the community The Executive Committee (EC) along with the Program Director recognize the negligence in this regard. An assurance regarding the same has been provided in this regard. On the first Monday of every month, we shall be submitting our monthly report to the community.

2.) Inability to Conduct Annual General Meeting for 2014-2015: The Office Bearers have already been apologetic in this regard. An assurance has been provided that efforts are being undertaken to process it as soon as possible.

3.) Current Financial obstacle faced by the Chapter: We are in Process of renewing our FCRA license , but due to this,the Chapter at present is facing financial challenges.

To tackle these problems ,we are taking guidance from senior community members & founding members of the chapter. We hope to resolve these issues soon & continue with all the good work we have been doing so far.

Yohann Thomas
Executive Committee Member
Wikimedia India