Hi Asaf,
As you can imagine, none of this is available in digital form. I'm planning to prepare high-res pdfs for some of the rare works myself, and get the help of the A2K-CIS people for the rest of it. Of course this is just the first part of the story. We'd have to get volunteers on KN-Wiki - or students enrolled in wiki education programmes - to prepare searchable digital versions from the pdfs. If you have other suggestions, we'd be happy to hear them.


On 8 November 2014 14:48, Asaf Bartov <abartov@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Wonderful news, and a very significant achievement for Kannada culture and for free culture in India!  Congratulations to all involved.

What are your plans on how to approach making those works actually available on Kannada Wikisource?
(I am noting significant growth in the last few months: http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikisource/EN/SummaryKN.htm)



On Sat, Nov 1, 2014 at 10:32 PM, omshivaprakash@gmail.com <omshivaprakash@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear all, 

The Kannada Wikimedia community, in collaboration with CIS-A2K, is glad to share that almost all of the works by Niranjana will be re-licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 on the occasion of Kannada Rajyotsava.

Niranjana (1924-1992) was the pseudonym of Kulkund Shivarao, a prominent Kannada writer of the 20th century and a leading figure in the Progressive Writers' Movement. His prolific output, across nearly five decades, included novels, short stories, plays, biographies, political commentary, and translations. He was a regular columnist in the Kannada newspapers and magazines. Among his achievements as an editor are Jnana Gangotri, a 7-volume encyclopedia for young people, and a 25-volume compilation of the world's greatest short stories.

A total of 55 Kannada books by Niranjana will be re-licensed. This could be the single largest and most comprehensive individual collection of a writer to be released under CC-BY-SA 4.0 in any of the Indian languages. We are planning to have a formal event to celebrate this, along with an orientation session on the importance of Creative Commons for growing open knowledge in Kannada and Kannada Wikisource during the first week of November 2014. The exact event details will be communicated shortly. The Kannada Wikimedia community and CIS-A2K would be very happy if you could be present for this event. We would like to acknowledge the great initiative shown by Dr. Tejaswini Niranjana (also Advisor to CIS-A2K) in getting the below works released under CC-BY-SA 4.0.


  1. Vimochane (1953)

  2. Banashankari (1954)

  3. Saubhagya (1954)

  4. Abhaya (1954)

  5. Rangammana Vathaara (1954)

  6. Doorada Nakshatra (1954)

  7. Navodaya (1956)

  8. Paalige banda Panchaamruta (1955)

  9. Ekangini (1955)

  10. Chirasmarane (1955)

  11. Koney Namaskara (1955)

  12. Deekshe (1956)

  13. Kalyanaswami (1956)

  14. Minukuhula (1956)

  15. Vilasini (1956)

  16. Anjana (1957)

  17. Vishalakshi (1958)

  18. Hennagi Kaadithhu Maaye (1962)

  19. Bangarada Jinke (1963)

  20. Nandagokula (1964)

  21. Swami Aparampaara (1967)

  22. Novu (Nooru Juttu Mooru Jade)  (1965)

  23. Smaraneyonde Saaladey? (1971)

  24. Mrityunjaya (1976)

  25. Minchu (1987)


  1. INA! (1945)

  2. Raktha Sarovara (1947)

  3. Sandhikaala (1947)

  4. Annapoorna (1952)

  5. Koneya Giraaki (1953)

  6. Vaarada Huduga (1957)

  7. Kathyaayini (1957)

  8. Onti Nakshatra Nakkithu (1960)

  9. Yaava Janmada Shaapa? (1964)

  10. Naastika Kotta Devaru (1965)

  11. Kelavu Sanna Kathegalu (1986)


  1. Sangama Snaana (1961)

  2. Aahvaana (1963)

  3. Samraajni (1967)

  4. Naavuu Manushyaru! (1985)


  1. Buddhi, Bhaava, Baduku (1984)


  1. Mukhatah (1985)


  1. Aidu Nimisha (1953)

  2. Kaalakshepa (1957)

  3. Sadhana (1953)

  4. Pushpahaara (1957)

  5. Dinachariyinda (1972)

  6. Rajadhaniyinda (1972)

  7. Ankana (1972)

  8. Nadey Chenna-Nudi Chenna (1986)


  1. Himalayada Dalluri (1962)

  2. Gandhi – Indu, Naale (1973)

  3. Chirasmaraneya Kayyuru (1981)


  1. Pratidhwani (1987)


  1. Naadi (1994)

With Best Regards,
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