Hi ,
I'm an IEG grantee from India. My proposal was to build a tool to visualise the edits in an article.
It aims to make it easier for an editor  to go through the edits/revisions in an article. Rather than showing the changes in wikitext the tool shows the page as a reader would see it. The content that was removed/ deleted in a revision disappears & the new content/ modifications appears.    
  • Please checkout the live demo.
  • An updated mockup of the tool
It is a work in progress and I'm working on the following features. 
  • Pause/Forward/Rewind buttons
  • Draggable timeline , you can select from where to start playing & where to end.
  • Skipping minor edits etc
  • Playback of a specific users edits alone. (I'm not sure how I'll do this) 
Would be awesome if you could add features you would like to see here. Moreover now that wikipedia has gone live with editing on mobiles 
I'm hoping the tool would be really useful there too  as mobiles are much more interactive than desktops. I'm trying to talk to as many people as possible about the tool so that people will use it once I'm done building it & also to be sure that what I'm building is useful :-) Please share the demo link around.