Hi all,

I am glad to see the discussion on Wikimedia India list to the communication about the constitution of the EC and election of office bearers. Let me thank all those who responded and who extended their good wishes.

As the President of the Wikimedia Chapter, let me take this opportunity to clarify  some of the concerns expressed by the community.

Office bearers election:
Wikimedia Chapter is a registered society and we have to conduct the proceedings as per the MoA. The elections were conducted post registration as mandated by MoA.

Delay in communicating the result:
Due to the busy schedules, travel plans of some of the EC members the paperwork following the first meeting of the EC was delayed. Without paperwork, as an official entity we would be unable to send out a public statement.
While the delay stays acknowledged, the EC should able to work together in minimizing delays in future.

The chapter got registered just around a month back. And the office bearers have taken up their roles in the official capacity only recently.
Moving forward, we should be able to ensure that there is focus on better communication with the community.

Next steps:
We are starting to get a  bank account opened. Once it is ready,  we will be able to announce the opening of membership. Please do bear with us in case of any delays in paper work.

Meanwhile, if anybody needs clarifications, please feel free to write to wikimedia-in-exec@lists.wikimedia.org and we will do utmost to respond at the earliest.


Arjuna Rao Chavala
President, Wikimedia Chapter