This is a wonderful news. 

User:Hrishikes  is a huge asset to Indian Wikisource community. 


On Sun, 21 Apr 2019 at 19:38, Bodhisattwa Mandal <> wrote:

This is for your information, that the original calligraphic and illuminated version of the Constitution of India is now in English Wikisource, thanks to the tireless effort of the prolific Wikisourcer User:Hrishikes.

User:Hrishikes was working on this edition of Constitution for a long time, uploading each and every illustrations, working on complex templates for proofreading in Wikisource, identifying each and every signatories and illustrators of the Constitution from the signatures found. The extremely complex and time consuming work is now complete.

In addition to that, all the signatories (which can be found here), illustrators and the illustrations (which can be found here) have Wikidata items now, connected properly.


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