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I am sharing the link on the Meta where this has been discussed



On Friday 02 May 2014 12:38 PM, Dhaval S. Vyas wrote:

Dear Kartikbhai,

That is not the proposal by Gujarati wiki community, it is from CIS. Also, if you notice, in that proposal, there is no payment to the community, who will really be putting pain in digitising/uploading/typing/correcting the content. And on the contrary, CIS staff will be paid a reasonable share from the grant.

I have my name mentioned in that proposal, for which I have to had provide declaration on a discussion page of CIS's grant application. I am on my mobile at the moment so can't find the link to it to share. If anyone wants to see my comment, let me know and I will share the link.

Yes, of course, the idea on which CIS has built the proposal was from me, but I had only spoken once soon after wikimenia and then came to know about proposal just when it was ready. I have had no more involvement in that proposal apart from initial idea, which was jointly shared by Sushant Savla, a fellow admin on gu.wikisource.


On 2 May 2014 04:33, "Kartik Mistry" <> wrote:
On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 1:45 AM, Dhaval S. Vyas <> wrote:
> Please visit the link in below email, where Wikimedia Foundation (shortly
> known as WMF) is suggesting that they are funding (in simpler term paying)
> for content upload. This is the task that we all are doing free of cost so
> far. Because you have uploaded hundreds (may be thousands) of pages so far
> as we have created 50+ books on gu.wikisource, all our efforts will be paid
> now by WMF (in fact should have been paid so far as well). If you have any
> doubt, reach out to User:Bluerasberry and User:Ijon on meta
> ( Asaf (User:Ijon) clearly suggests that Bots are under
> the paid activity considered by WMF.

Already in progress:

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