Dear Sudhanwa,

All along its life, we have had enough introspection and biopsy to make sure that this Chapter is NOT getting up on its heels any time sooner. Time and again, we have had umpteen number of doubts most of which only end up wasting much of the precious time that could have been used for some productive positive efforts for the betterment of this organization.

As you very well know, the chapter is still not at its best of health. The few people who are still attending it on its ICU bed have been trying to keep its dignity by sparing their own time (and sometimes money too). The ones who are still not worn out completely are available to take all kinds of blames which should have been originally born by all of us collectively. And still, lots among us are available to stand across and to make sure that they too will wear out soon.

As of now, I am not any office bearer or EC member. I am also not advocating on behalf of anyone who may be one. But I think, this is the chance for us all to come forward, fix it up and get going. It really does not matter who takes the lead, but from the chapter's point of view, somebody, anybody must kick some worthy and healthy life into it.

So, please have some mercy. Let us not confuse simple minds of the less active members and onlookers by introducing rather insignificant or irresponsible questions.

Now, for your fresh doubts, let me try to answer them, from the way I remember the rules and in the capacity of a former EC member (during the time when you were a chapter member and also the president of the chapter),

0. About your own membership validity and period, someone from the EC must / may reply. I have no clue about the membership records.

For other general points,

1. Elections are held as per the conditions set in the MoA and the rule books. Last year's  election was due by September 30,2016. However, the Chapter can extend this by special permission from the concerned Govt.official upto another 12 months or so (I am not sure exactly how many), if the necessary conditions of preparation for AGM/election could not be met due to any reasons.As I understand, in our case, the financial reports took more time due to technical reasons and thus we have secured such permissions.

2. Once the AGM/election date is fixed, the definition for vote eligibility to vote is clearly mentioned: They should be valid members on the day three months prior to the date of elections. I believe, the members enlisted on the vote list belong to this category.

3. The AGMs/ elections are necessarily to be conducted on a per year basis. If an year is missing, the immediately subsequent AGM/election will be counted as attributing to that year. Thus, the elections we conduct now are for year 2016. If everything goes well, we should have one more AGM that is pertaining to past 2006 April -2007 March, by the September of this year. However, unless there are new vacancies, the upcoming EC members shall continue along as their tenure is fixed as two years from the date of taking charge( i.e. the day of the first meeeting of EC
following the General body meeting, typically in 2-4 weeks of General body meeting).

4. Since there has not been a handing over to a new EC, the present board still hold its tenure. So, their authority to decide, arrange and conduct an election and AGM continues to be valid.

Thanks and regards,


Note: I am only trying to help clear any confusions and help others to understand the more intricate details, as a normal chapter member and as per the knowledge and exposure as a former EC. Please note that it is not obligatory for me to be answerable to all questions you arise on behalf of the current board.

P.S.: (Please refer to the MoA and WMINElectionAndAppointmentRules.pdf as linked below for the above clauses).


On 13 April 2017 at 12:20, Sudhanwa Jogalekar <> wrote:
Dear Vishwa,

From whatever you have mentioned, my name should also be there. (Especially considering that shantanu Mahajan's name is included . We send our money, docs together).

Many more questions arise further.
How elections can happen for previous year with this year's voters? At least the voters should be for the same year of voting.
If the current EC members tenure is over, who and how elections are being held by them? That too for previous year.  What will be the tenure of elected people of this 2016 elections? Till 2018 or till 2019?

I don't know if current EC has taken any advice on these matters. 
They have not updated members about any regularity matters or financial matters during there tenure. Whatever little bit  people know is from the IRC logs and that is not a good picture.

Hope the current EC replies to these queries.


On Apr 13, 2017 12:23 AM, "ViswaPrabha (വിശ്വപ്രഭ)" <> wrote:
Dear Sudhanwa,


From the WMINElectionAndAppointmentRules.pdf

B. Voter’s List:
1. The electorate shall consist of the members of the Society i.e.
i. Individual Members
ii. Institutional Members
2. Provided:-
a. Members who are on the rolls of the Chapter three months prior to the AGM/Election day shall
form the eligible voters list.
3. Copy of Final Voters’ List shall be available at Registered office of the Society at least
twenty one days ahead of the Election Day and in the Election premises (if some other
Venue is selected as for conduct of Ballot) on the day of voting for inspection of Voters
4. Right to cast the vote shall be with the members only and is not transferable. For Institutional
members/voters, the person duly authorized can vote in person.

(Viswanathan Prabhakaran)

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