On 30 January 2011 07:57, CherianTinu Abraham <tinucherian@gmail.com> wrote:
Changed the subject line again.. ( Subject deviation again :) )
Hi Praveen,
May I ask , what is not really clear about the chapter ? Wikimedia India
chapter is registered now as a legal entity in India [1] in Jan 2010 ; there
is an Executive committee with 7 members , the office bearers are [2] Arun
Ramarathnam,  President ; BalaSundaraRaman Lakshmanan, Secretary ; Arjuna
Rao Chavala, Treasurer etc
May be it is time for the chapter to open up the membership to the
or even making the agenda & meeting minutes of the Wikimedia India chapter
EC available to all like the Wikimedia Foundation Board [3] ( so that these
confusions to "common Wikimedians" can be avoided) ?
If there are still any misunderstandings/unclear things, the EC members must
be happy to answer them.
I'm all excited to see the Wikimedia India chapter getting more active and
the chapter & community working closely in the coming days.
[1] http://wikimedia.in/wiki/Chapter_Registration_accomplished
[2] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_India/MoA-PostChapComVer
[3] http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Meetings

Tinu Cherian
N.B. I am not speaking on behalf of the chapter , neither am I a EC
member/ordinary member. My understandings are based on various threads on
the mailing lists.


I believe I've sent a couple of mails on this matter. And on a quick search I found my last query is not answered :(

BTW don't interpret my queries as I am a candidate for membership. I do not and will not want any kind of membership there, I've my limitations. But I want it open, I want clear communication, I want answers, I want a clear view of Its procedures and actions. And I am certain that we need  more "ground based" members, who can effectively communicate common users and holding wiki ideology.

I expect encouragements from a "chapter" and "its members". But I found no encouragements but teasing from that side in the parent thread. I'm sorry If I hurt anyone; But I really have to ask my doubts, I am an Indian Wikimedian :)

On Sunday 30 January 2011 09:26 AM, Gautam John wrote:
 we still trying to find our feet here. Suggestions are welcome,

In that case what was the urgency to such a premature creation?

As for membership, as soon as we have our bank account which should
happen in four weeks or so.
I believe I am clear above. May I know how you are connected wikimedia communities? I don't understand that how a man reluctant to edit wikies  (UL) is so passionate to lead other users from WMIN.