Dear Sudhanwaji

This email is regarding your queries on Elections & members.

I suggest that you read the 19th March IRC again which I had posted on the mailing list..

To explain a little bit more, these elections are Elections 2016, because last year we couldn't do the elections.
This was so because our accounts were frozen since 2016 February & due to our FCRA issues, we were unable to pay our auditor.
So technically this will be 2016 AGM where we will present our activity reports from 2015-16, even though it is 2017.

About the voters in this elections, our membership tenure is from April-March. So the members whose voters list are there in this list are members from 2016-17.
 "Voters eligible are those who are members as on 3 months before 23-April-2017 i.e. 23-Jan-2017."
So technically 2016-17 voters are voting for these elections,who would have been the same voters had we conducted elections in Oct/Nov 2016.

If we term these elections as 2017 elections, it might have repercussions' will try to list them out..
About the tenure of the new EC members, their term will expire in October/November 2018.

Regarding our activity & reports , we ae regularly updating them in our WMIN reports page. We need to update on the 1st quarter of 2017, which I will update after the elections

Hope that helps to clear some of your queries

Yohann Thomas
Wikimedia India

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 12:20 PM, Sudhanwa Jogalekar <> wrote:
Dear Vishwa,

From whatever you have mentioned, my name should also be there. (Especially considering that shantanu Mahajan's name is included . We send our money, docs together).

Many more questions arise further.
How elections can happen for previous year with this year's voters? At least the voters should be for the same year of voting.
If the current EC members tenure is over, who and how elections are being held by them? That too for previous year.  What will be the tenure of elected people of this 2016 elections? Till 2018 or till 2019?

I don't know if current EC has taken any advice on these matters. 
They have not updated members about any regularity matters or financial matters during there tenure. Whatever little bit  people know is from the IRC logs and that is not a good picture.

Hope the current EC replies to these queries.


On Apr 13, 2017 12:23 AM, "ViswaPrabha (വിശ്വപ്രഭ)" <> wrote:
Dear Sudhanwa,


From the WMINElectionAndAppointmentRules.pdf

B. Voter’s List:
1. The electorate shall consist of the members of the Society i.e.
i. Individual Members
ii. Institutional Members
2. Provided:-
a. Members who are on the rolls of the Chapter three months prior to the AGM/Election day shall
form the eligible voters list.
3. Copy of Final Voters’ List shall be available at Registered office of the Society at least
twenty one days ahead of the Election Day and in the Election premises (if some other
Venue is selected as for conduct of Ballot) on the day of voting for inspection of Voters
4. Right to cast the vote shall be with the members only and is not transferable. For Institutional
members/voters, the person duly authorized can vote in person.

(Viswanathan Prabhakaran)

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