On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 1:11 PM, Niraj Suryawanshi <niraj.suryawanshi@gmail.com> wrote:
sure :) i recently used one app available on the app store, but more or less not up to the mark, since  there is a huge lobby of people who use blackberry in and outside India would be great if we have one to make available Wikipedia handy & on the go!

Hello! I believe that a port of the Android PhoneGap based app is what is currently available in the Blackberry store. It is an old port as well - and no new features / work are planned on that codebase anymore by the Mobile Apps team. The source code, however, is available at https://github.com/wikimedia/WikipediaMobile and I'll be glad to help people who want to contribute to it :)

Yuvi Panda T