This Programs is the Announcement Of the Gundert Legacy Digitization Project of Tubingen university and Partnership With Malayalam Wikisource.

We just done a Prototype model model that what we are doing in this project. Tubingen university Scaned the Book (Orayiram pazhamchol (1850) - Hermann Gundert) and published as in public domain.

Check the index page സൂചിക:Orayiram pazhamchol CiXIV39 Tubingen Gundert Collection.pdf
This book is typed by school students of some government public shcool apart of their it@school Extracurricular activity. The Participants names are in book's talk page .

After the Unicode encoding,next beautifully typesetted in Tex for generate PDF and EPub Versions with the Help of Sayahna Foundation.The output books  are available here   pdf  epub

The Press Meet Program related to this Project was held in Press Academy, Ernakulam on Sept 12, 2013
Photos are available here

Shiju or Viswettan can Explain more :)

On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 5:54 PM, Pradeep Mohandas <> wrote:

Per Shiju's post on his blog, the rest of the scans would be available only after the collection is scanned. This is expected to take 10 months.


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