Any Indian language wiki which falls under the above two categories?

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As you may have seen, the global sysops are active. They will do sysop's job in those places where there are not enuf admins. Since Global sysops cover a lot of Indian wikimedia projects, I thought it is worth mentioning here in the list. Current elected GSs are those who had been doing counter vandalism and Small wiki monitoring for quite a while. ( I am not sure how many are aware of the great job of the SWMT and  such CVN groups. they are the silent guards, imho). Most of them can be found in various irc channels and can be contacted in case of emergency - say some one is causing trouble and you dont have a sysop around - on their meta talk pages or IRC.  
Please see some details that we should know:
From Meta page:
Global sysops are highly trusted users with a strong track record of cross-wiki contributions that have sysop privileges on many small wikis, for the purposes of antivandalism and routine maintainance. They are not users with sysop tools on all wikis and they have no extra editorial control over content or the local community.

By default, global sysop would be enabled for every project that meets one of the following criteria:

  • fewer than ten administrators exist; or
  • fewer than three administrators have made a logged action within the past two months.

Projects may opt-in or opt-out at their own discretion if they obtain local consensus. Simply inform any steward of the community's decision. A wiki set, located here is used to give rights on the included wikis only.

See the current list of Global sysops here. Questions and comments are welcome.


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