Dear All

As you might be aware, there is one more team member I have been trying to get on board for the India Programs Team ( - Consultant, Communications.

I have unfortunately not been able to find the right candidate (yet!) for this.  The role involves community communications (newsletters, mailing list updates, village pump updates, etc.), press/media/PR (building media relationships, supporting community initiatives through media coverage, etc.), social media (using social networks like facebook and twitter to compliment community efforts) and digital outreach (supporting community building through online outreach of existing readers through online tutorials, videos, etc.)  

I have interviewed dozens of candidates - most of who are really bright - but I'm not confident that we have anyone yet who is adequately familiar with our movement, community & projects.  Having said that, I'm still looking; If you know of anyone, please do connect them with me.  In addition, I am asking some of the interested candidates who had applied to get more involved with the community and build understanding and familiarity; we can relook at their candidature down the line.  

Do let me know if you need any clarifications.