Dear community members,

I would like to follow up on my previous emails (first and second) to you all and give you some more details about the upcoming Wikimedia Foundation fundraising campaign in India. 

As mentioned before, the fundraising campaign will have two components. 

  1. We will send emails to people who have previously donated from India 

  2. We will run banners for readers in India on Wikipedia itself. 

The emails are scheduled to be sent between the 24th of May and the 23rd of June. We are currently finalizing the different message versions. Samples will be shared later.

The banners will be active on Wikipedia in India from the 31st of May until the 28th of June. Prior to this, we are planning to run a couple of pretests:

This activity will ensure that our technical infrastructure works. 

We have now uploaded some example banners to the meta page.  

You can also use the meta page to leave feedback, suggestions, and questions. Please feel free to share this widely and encourage anyone who is interested to engage there or via email with me directly. 

Generally, before and during the campaign, you can contact us:

Thanks you and regards,


Julia Brungs
Senior Community Relations Specialist 
Wikimedia Foundation