Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well. In October 2020, during the period of the pandemic, CIS-A2K started a model of Mini edit-a-thons to engage the communities or editors online and enrich some content on regional Wikimedia projects. This model is for everyone who is addicted to editing their local Wikimedia projects. After a few months, now CIS-A2K is going to conduct a month of June edit-a-thon. During this month, many special days were or are there and June is also known as pride month. So, I request you all please spend a little time contributing to the event which will take place on 25 June and 26 June 2022. Below is the link to the event page you can go through it which is under construction now. Also, please introduce your community to take part in this online two-day edit-a-thon for your local Wiki projects and during the edit-a-thon, all Wikipedia sister projects can be edited.