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I don't think Trust and Safety or WMF legal has any practical value here. I can endorse Vikram's view from my experience, when I interacted with both of the teams about another extremely controversial topic which might very well hamper the safety of the entire Indian Wikimedia community and can destroy the life and reputation of volunteers. Practically speaking, if any Wikimedia content is deemed illegal as per the law of the country, currently we are all vulnerable and there is no existing support structure which can take any step to convince website hosts to find any solution or prevent this kind of unfortunate situation or provide emergency legal relief or take out the volunteers from PTSD.


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> I personally always felt that individual Wikimedia volunteers are always in an extremely vulnerable position. There is no legal support system present in the Indian Wikimedia ecosystem to safeguard or prevent Wikimedia volunteers from being harrassed by state or charged or arrested for any controversial content present on Wikipedia. Although Sidheeq was not charged for anything related to his Wikimedia work and to some people, maybe his arrest has nothing to do with the Wikimedia community, but it gives us a chance to think, what happens if this kind of incident happens to any one of us with respect to any controversial content present on any Wikimedia sites. I strongly feel that we need to build a good legal support system sustainable enough to help volunteers in distress anytime anywhere in India; the scope of such a support system can be defined or discussed, but something should be there.

Forgive my ignorance and I could be misunderstanding but anyways,
shouldn't the Trust & Safety team be helpful for these situations?
Isn't it kind of their work to support Wikimedians in those cases? If
not, that team at least looks like the relevant people to discuss this

  Team page: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Trust_and_Safety
  Team overview: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Trust_and_Safety/Overview


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