Dear Wikimedians, 

I am writing this email as a follow up to our communication earlier on meta. Community Resources team is reviewing its current grant programs. To ensure that we are working closely with the communities that we wish to serve we are hosting office hours to discuss the process and collect feedback. 

As indicated on meta we have scheduled office hours on 21 January UTC 1400 to meet with community members from the Asian continent. I request that you take time to participate in the meeting and also encourage members from your communities and projects to take part in the meeting. Please share this email and the participation details with interested community members. 

Date of the meeting: 21 January 2020
Time: 1400 UTC
Duration 60 min
Link to the meeting:

Please feel free to write to me if there is anything that we can be of assistance.  



Tanveer Hasan (him/his/they/their)
Community Resources 

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