Hi all,

Please read the blogpost[1] by GerardM on the need to cleanup mediawiki namespace on Indic wikis. Doing this will mean Wiki projects will get updated translations from LocalizationUpdates when they are translated in translatewiki and not be overshadowed by old (incorrect/outdated) local translations. When you see there are customized messages, a cleanup effort might be required to see if there is an absolute need to keep customized messages. This activity is being taken up by Tamil Wikpedians.[2] If you need help to do it on your wiki, come and give a shout at #mediawiki-i18n, people would be glad to help you :)

[1] http://ultimategerardm.blogspot.in/2012/02/cleaning-up-mediawiki-namespace.html 
[2] http://tawp.in/r/31cf