So far I knew that the Slavic languages need support to properly address women. I just learned that the Indic languages also differentiate between a male and a female user (inlike English). To top it off, Hindi has a form for inanimate objects. I do not think that we need to go as far and localise for our bots. We can safely address them though their operators but then again, it is not for me to say. :)

What I would like to learn is if Bishanka has an opinion about being addressed as a woman in her mother tongue. If other women on this list have an opinion I am equally interested to learn their opinion

Any way, at translatewiki.net the overwhelming majority of the localisers is male.. This is not by design, it just happens to be that way. When there are women who are interested in supporting specifically their gender in their language or in supporting their language in general, they are more then welcome at translatewiki.net. Finding someone who is happy to hack at translatewiki.net and help with our internationalisation and localisation work would be absolute bliss.