Dear all:

This is a gentle reminder to all wikimedians to attend the Bangalore monthly meetup #27. The highlight of today's session is a invited talk by Lodewijk Gelauff from Wikimedia Nederlands.

The talk will be sharing experiences from the  recent project Wiki loves Monuments. The Project intended to photograph as many of the 50,000 national monuments (“rijksmonument“) throughout the Netherlands. These included archeological sites in Drenthe, the canal houses in Amsterdam, and the Royal Palace in The Hague. 

The project received wide coverage on Wikimedia's blog as well as signpost. The scale of the project and the application of best practices from earlier events were significant.
Today's talk is part of a series of invited speakers to share experiences and best practices at Bangalore meetups/events. Earlier speakers have been Liam Wyatt (Australia), Asaf Bartov (Israel), Josh Lim (Philipines) and Belayet Hossain (Bangaldesh).

Meetup starts at 3 PM IST. lodewijk's talk is at 4:30 PM IST. Skype details on the website.