Here is some note by Amit Abhyankar on Facebook. There are similar comments on this post.
I guess most of us have received this message when accessing Wikipedia. While there is nothing wrong in asking for donations, I didn't like the tone of this appeal.
The way it says 'reader in India' and 'This is the 6th appeal' doesn't sound right to me... Not sure why... but it just doesn't.
I mean, we have not entered into a contract that says we will donate whenever you need us to... Then what's with counting the number of times this appeal has been shown?
I ofcourse support Wiki as a movement, have donated in the past and will donate again in future... But how about telling us how much money you need and a live tracker that shows how much of the goal has been achieved?
Transperency is the key to running a movement.

If a common person gets such feeling from the fundraiser banner, the thought arises about what kind of survey/study is made by WMF before pushing this to the users.


Someone pinged me to ask if I know anyone of mailing list admins as his/her mails were not reaching to the mailing list. Dont know if there is any problem. (was using a nickname)
More interesting was what he/she mentioned about the fundraiser. The QR code mentions "to pay" some company from Delhi that is not so old and has just Rs. 1 lakh capital !! I havent got time to get into these things but if this is true, I suppose WMF study/research/selection of partner is questionable.

I hope WMF people will respond to this.


On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 10:03 PM Joseph Seddon <jseddon@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Hey all,

It makes me very happy to announce we have at last launched our fundraiser in India :) This has been a huge effort and I want to thank the community members who have passed on feedback, tested our infrastructure, forwarded tweets and news stories, and just generally been amazingly supportive :)

Like our other fundraising campaigns this will run for around 4 weeks. If you are regularly seeing banners, I recommend you log in to your wikimedia accounts on wiki. We don't show banners to logged in users so as to not disrupt their work.

As before: 

* If you need to report a bug or technical issue, please create a phabricator ticket [https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/task/edit/form/1/?template=118862].
* If you see a donor on a talk page, OTRS or social media having difficulties in donating, please refer them to donate@wikimedia.org.
* If you have specific ideas to share, please feel invited to add them to our fundraising ideas page [https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fundraising/2019-20_Fundraising_ideas].
You can also contact me directly with my email address seddon@wikimedia.org and I can forward your feedback to the right person on the team.

Thank you everyone!


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