It would be cool when the request for the Ahirani language is completed. What is necessary is information of the "proposer" and people interested in working on this language.

In the mean time I have written a "Mingle story" asking for the support for the Ahirani language. The request is to have a configuration exactly like Marathi for WebFonts and Narayam. It will likely take three weeks before this is implemented on the Incubator. Before this we will have it implemented on translatewiki.net

When it has been implemented at twn, we want to get confirmation that it is as it needs to be. Having a "language support team" for Ahirani (and any other language) really helps.

On 3 December 2011 06:38, deepak sapkale <deepak_sapkale@hotmail.com> wrote:


I am Deepak Sapkale, 27 year old software engineer, currently working at L & T Infotech. I had attended Wiki Conference India 2011 and was really inspired to create new language which is spoken in my native town. The language is called "Ahirani" . The script of Ahirani is "Devanagari" which used for Hindi and Marathi languages.

Please advise me, how can I proceed with this one.


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