Dear Wikimedia Ireland subscribers,

As mentioned in the last mail there is a new wave of activity happening spurred on from the first Editathon in Ireland. It was fantastic timing given that Wikimania, the official annual event for the Wikimedia Movement, is in London this year. 

It takes place from the 6-10 August, but there are many Fringe events taking place from June onwards.

If you are planning on going to Wikimania, or even thinking about it, please join the conversation started on the Discussion page. You can add your name to the list so we can get the ball rolling. If there are a few of us going, the aim would be to organise to meet up before or during the week in August. It will be a fantastic opportunity to get to know some fellow Irish Wikipedians.

You can also sign up to be a volunteer for the event itself if you are interested in being more involved (I've signed up as one already!).

Hope to talk to you soon,