Hello all!

We did a Wikipedia event in Sligo , and had 18 teams going around taking pictures. Logistically, we thought we'd do the scavenger hunt first, which we celebrated with a little exhibition at the VEC and prize giving. Now we have to upload them with volunteers. We have an opportunity to work with a group of students (aged 15-16) next week to upload the images and tag them. We have about 400 images (I estimate, because we have 750, and there may some that can't be uploaded or may be of similar content, same landmarks, etc).

Important things to note:
- Each student will make their own account (I was told at the Drumbeat fest that classes should not make accounts)
- The images were take by participants at the Wikipedia event, and those individuals selected licenses and attribution requirements. They are not the same team uploading, but it's part of the same project for Wikipedia 10.
- The students will learn uploading, categorizing (Category:Sligo or other landmarks/areas) and geocoding.

1) Licensing
When they select "Where is the work from?" What should they click, since it's not their 'own' work?

I spoke with each team about attribution directly, even after we had explained it. Each was given a choice of licenses, and who images would be attributed to, if they chose that. They also signed paperwork releasing the images as well. We have signed forms for each participant.

Did we create a situation of a Problematic Source? I didn't forsee this, and regret not asking before. This was a last minute change to the plans that the individuals would not be able to upload themselves.

2) Uploading

Is it OK to upload directly to Wikimedia? Do we need to get permission before this? Do they need a special category to mark them as part of Sligo Wikipedia 10?

We didn't do the online tool expressedly for scavenger hunts: http://toolserver.org/~contests/admin/

3) Categorizing & Geocoding

Besides Category:Sligo, for example, if it's a mailbox, should they add this as a category? Or just stick to Sligo? Is that done by other editors?

Thanks for your help!

I'm going to cross-post this with the Wikipedia Ten list.

- Heather