"Brazilian Wikipedia have some 9-year-old children. Its difficult to do this Wiki better. Some administrators are dictatorial, somebody fights sometimes, some users are intolerant, impatient, someone edits using POV, some users think they are articule owners… Employees of Brazilian political parties edit this Wiki, and some administrators appear to delighted that, protect the editors who take over this wikipedia."

Now the statement is true.



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Well, I've read this comment when Jessie has posted here. Since in my
opinion this comment could be of an 9 years old child - besides the
lack of creativity a child usualy has and also with less anger -, and
it is only destructive criticism, I simply ignored him. Child are
usually interesting to analyse - their questions tend to be really

To destroy is always easier than to create.

Em 11 de janeiro de 2012 23:52, Otavio Louvem
<otavio1981.wiki@gmail.com> escreveu:
> I have never heard about him so it`s impossible to say what made him so
> angry. Althought some of his points may be true it`s, I gave him a general
> answer what i think it`s important to other readers: complaning it`s very
> easy, it`s time to join the community and help to change it from inside.
> It`s like "deep impact" movie says: a bomb in a surface of an asteroid don`t
> do a scratch but inside of it, can destroy it (I don`t want to destroy
> wikipedia but i think you understand my point).

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