Interested in making a bit more money while working on a prominent and
influential MediaWiki installation?  We have a budget of $1000/month to pay
for a web developer ("the" web developer) who would help with refining,
extending, and (sometimes) debugging, an existing (and already prominent and
content-rich) MediaWiki installation. You would be working from home,
however there would be periodic (<= 1/month) meetings (ideally in person in
San Diego, so it would be preferable for you to live in Southern California
-- it may be possible to videoconference, however).

You would set your own hours.

Depending on your level of expertise/productivity, the work would amount to
5-15 hours/week (this would be subject to negotiation).

The work would likely proceed as a gradual progress through a queue of
tasks, with higher priority items thrown in occasionally. The work
negotiation would consist in your estimating what you could get done monthly
(or weekly) for the given pay.

- Knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Apache, *nix, LaTeX
- Knowledge of MediaWiki
- Can work in US

Familiarity with the academic peer-review process is also desirable.

If interested, please email php.20.waverleo@xoxy.net

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