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Below you will find the report of activities of the month of July 2014 done by the volunteers of Wikimedia Mexico. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you require extra information about this activities or only to make some suggestions.

The report is also available on Spanish and English in our wiki: (Spanish)

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On behalf our chapter.
Carmen Alcázar (User:Wotancito)
WMMX Secretary.

===Three simultaneous Wikipedia workshops in three different cities===
On July 26, three Wikipedia workshops were given in three cities of Mexico. The venues was TelmexHub in Mexico City by Omar Sandoval, Carmen Alcázar, Iván Martínez, y Gustavo Sandoval; HackerGarage in Guadalajara by Salvador Alcántar and Capilla del Arte in Puebla by José Flores. It is the first time in the history of Mexican chapter that we have three training activities in three Mexican cities simultaneously and in the case of Guadalajara, this workshop was the first to be taught in that city. [1]

===Volunteer's WikiPicnic for Wikimania 2015===
On July 20, a Volunteer's WikiPicnic for Wikimania 2015 was held in the Second Section of Chapultepec, bound for Wikimania 2015. Carmen Alcázar initially spoke about the event and solve some questions about the Wikimedia projects, giving way to a soccer match among the attendees. At the end, the picnic was held with everyone within a casual and fun time. The last to leave the park did about 6 pm. [2]

Jul 5
* Moebius radio program 14/19: "''De Juan O'Gorman a Alberto Kalach''" (From Juan O'Gorman to Alberto Kalach)

Jul 10
* Working meeting for Wikimania 2015

Jul 12
* Moebius radio program 14/20: "''De lambada a murciélagos''" (From lambada to Chiroptera)

Jul 14
* Beginning of Wikipedian In Residence project in
Museo Soumaya [3]

Jul 20
* Picnic at the second section of Bosque de Chapultepec in order to meet the team of volunteers who will participate in Wikimania 2015.

Jul 23
* Participation of Carmen Alcázar in "Participación de las mujeres en el campo tecnológico" discussion table at Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, Mexico City, among other female involved in tech initatives. [4]
* Interview to Carmen Alcázar for La Jornada newspaper with the title "Demandan políticas tecnológicas con perspectiva de género" on July 24. [5]

Jul 26
* Workshop: Introduction to Wikipedia at Capilla del Arte, Puebla.
* Workshop: Introduction to Wikipedia at Hackergarage, Guadalajara.
* Wikipedia Monthly Workshop at Telmexhub, Mexico City. [6]

Jul 30
*Virtual meeting of the Wikimedia Mexico board.

Jul 31
*GLAM meeting with Centro de Cultura Digital staff. [7]

[1] Photos in Wikimedia Commons