This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for January 2011


In November - January, Wikimedia Nederland participated in the annual fundraiser of Wikimedia. The (gross) total raised amount over the actual fundraiser is some 330.000 euro. Detailed reports will be submitted to the Wikimedia Foundation when they have been finalized.

A detailed evaluation of this fundraiser for Wikimedia Nederland has been put together by the board and published on

10 year Wikipedia

Images around these events are to be found at .


On 13 & 14 January, a Wikipedia bootcamp was organized in cooperation with the Images for the Future consortium and the Amsterdam Museum. During a kick-off event on the 13th at the Kennisland (Images for the Future Consortium partner) offices in Amsterdam presentations where given on Wikimedia and CHIs, Possible copyright issues when collaborating, and effects of collaboration between CHIs and Wikimedia. On the 14th of January we organized a workshop during the whole day with some 15 participants from the cultural heritage sector. The workshop was gradual in design, and aimed to provide a better understanding of how Wikipedia and its community works through creating and editing articles, uploading images etc. It was also a good lesson for the involved volunteers to understand where the hurdles are to newcomers.


On January 14 (until far into the night), a hackathon was organized with some 20 developers participating, developing a wide range of tools together ranging from an iPhone Wikimedia Commons upload application to sentence-level editing. The results were presented at January 15, during the 10 year Wikipedia celebration and new years reception. For more information, see .

Debate / reception

On January 15 a debate and reception was organized celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia, in the Amsterdam Museum in cooperation with and sponsored by Beelden voor de Toekomst and the Amsterdam Museum. The meeting consisted of a presentation of outcomes of the Hackathon, a debate with representatives from the Royal Institute for the Tropes, Amsterdam Museum, Wikimedia Nederland and the Brabant Historical Information Center. A birthday present was presented by the Amsterdam Museum (see below) and a reception was held with 120-150 participants. The evening was closed with dinner by 50 participants.

Amsterdam Museum image donation

The Amsterdam Museum donated 50,000 images under a free license in the celebration of 10 years Wikipedia during the meeting in their museum on January 15th. These images include some wonderful images from paintings and objects, and will be uploaded in the course of the following months to Wikimedia Commons. More information on and

Small Subsidies

A small subsidy of max. € 75 has been awarded to the organizing group of the 10th anniversary in Ghent, Belgium to buy some beverages. For more information, see

Wiki Loves Monuments

Significant progress has been made around Wiki Loves Monuments. More and more information appears on Wikimedia Commons and several countries indicated their interest. An international mailing list has been opened to coordinate and exchange experiences and more - please join here. Lodewijk has attended a brainstorm session in Cologne of some German Wikipedians to set up the German edition for 2011.

Meetings, conferences etc.


As usual, press attention has been collected here. Most covered topic was the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia, also triggering some more press attention towards for example the statement that Wikimedia aims for 1 billion visitors per month and that we want more female editors. There was some attention around the results announcement of the fundraiser.