Dear all,

I'm glad to announce that last week we published our brand new APG Impact Report 2016/2017 [1]. It covers the whole year of 2017, complementing the information and stories given in our Progress Report [2]. It's packed full with stories like e.g.:

* A year-end analysis of our online campaigning to attract new editors 
* Finding the right balance in volunteer support
* Gains and challenges of the growth of Wikidata
* Bringing an international community together at WikidataCon 2017
* What Wikibase has to do with the Illuminati
* New approaches in supporting volunteer developers
* Making existing search power more accessible with AdvancedSearch
* Upload filters, news about the Attribution Generator tool and working with non-traditional allies in policy work
* 'GLAM on tour' heading towards its 25th stop
* The Partnership People speaking up
and many more...

As always, we wanted to share our learnings, failures and successes with the movement as broadly as possible. So, enjoy reading!

Best, Christof


Christof Pins
Monitoring & Evaluation
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