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This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for March 2011, which can also be found at

Wiki Loves Monuments

In 2010, WMNL arranged a photo competition around monumental buildings and objects ("rijksmonumenten"): Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM). In September 2011, the photo competition will take place in several European countries, in collaboration with the Wikimedia chapters in concern. WMNL members Lodewijk Gelauff and MaartenD travelled to other countries to explain the concept. On March 18th-20th Lodewijk attended the Wikimedia Conference in Wroclaw (Poland), on March 20th MaartenD gave a workshop at WMDE's General Meeting in Berlin (Germany). In March, for about ten countries confirmed that they were going to participate.

In the Netherlands it was arranged that Cultural Heritage institution "Heemschut" will sponsor WLM 2011 with PR and other help in the Netherlands itself. Stichting Open Monumentdag, that organizes the general day of the open monument, will help too.

Chapters Meeting in Berlin

On 25-27 March, Paul and Siebrand represented Wikimedia Nederland at the Wikimedia Chapters Meeting in Berlin, Germany. Lodewijk presented Wiki Loves Monuments in a seperate session.

Donation to Wikimedia Foundation

The Dutch chapter sent 75,000 EUR to the Foundation with regard to the Fundraising of 2009/2010, and 150,000 EUR with regard to the Fundraising of 2010/2011.


Professionalization is an ongoing process. An office space has been rented starting April 1 in the city center of Utrecht (a city centrally located in the country).

5 years Wikimedia Nederland

On March 27, Wikimedia Nederland existed exactly 5 years. Since this was the last day of the chapters meeting in Berlin, we celebrated this with our international colleagues with cake, see the picture at

Meetings & Conferences

On 28-29 March, Lodewijk and Siebrand attended Global Melt (workshop about exchanging knowledge in organizing events for Global movements) in Berlin, Germany