This Month in GLAM is a monthly newsletter documenting recent happenings within the GLAM project, such as content donations, residencies, events and more. GLAM is an acronym of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. You can find more information on the project at

This Month in GLAM – Issue VII, Volume XI – July 2021

Albania report: Collaboration with the New Vision Organization in Tirana; Summer of Wikivoyage Campaign 2021

Australia report: Representation and erasure: opportunities and risks that Wikipedia presents for First Nations knowledges

Brazil report: A wikicontest to celebrate and make visible the state of Bahia

India report: Rabimas proofread contest ends on Bengali Wikisource

New Zealand report: New Zealand holds its second Wikimedia conference, and a performing arts Wikiproject gathers steam

Serbia report: New chances for GLAM success

Sweden report: Photos of Childrens theatre

UK report: A Thousand Images of Islam, British Library Updates

USA report: Smithsonian Wiki Focus: Black Women in Food History; San Diego 73; Black Lunch Table Black artists

WMF GLAM report: A conversation about depicts and Structured Data on Commons

Calendar: August's GLAM events

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