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The Wikimedia Hungary Report for June 2011 is now available at For your convenience it is reproduced below.

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Bence Damokos
Executive Vice President,
Wikimedia Hungary

Wikimedia Hungary Report
Vol 4 Issue 6
June 2011
Prepared by: Bence Damokos

This is an update on Wikimédia Magyarország's activities covering June 2011. The month was spent mostly on official and administrative tasks and in preparation for the WikiCamp event held in July 2011.



We have made some last minute progress on our outstanding grants from the Wikimedia Foundation.


There were a number of events connected to fundraising in the month of June, even though it was not a very popular month for giving (Wikimedia Hungary didn't collect donations in Hungary in June, while the Wikimedia Foundation received $14.12 from donors in Hungary).

Bence participated in a Fundraising Seminar organized by the Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights and lead by Liam Cranley, former head of the ImpACT Coalition. Some quick notes taken at the seminar are available at

The following week, Bence and Gergő participated in the Fundraising Summit held in Vienna. The main topics were the technicalities and processes of the 2011/2012 Wikimedia fundraiser. The evening sessions were especially useful for us to establish contact with the Viennese Wikipedia community and to start thinking about possible common meetings and projects.

Having returned from the summit, Wikimedia Hungary officially signed the fundraising agreement to participate in the 2011/2012 fundraising in partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation.

Annual General Meeting

On 25 June we held our Annual General Meeting in Budapest. A number of important decisions were taken at the meeting.

The minutes of the general meeting are available at:

Possible changes in our regulatory framework

The Government of Hungary has issued for comment a draft legislation on civil society. It is not yet known, when this law will become effective and what changes there might be between the bill and the final act; nevertheless, the draft contains a number of fundamental changes in the regulatory framework of Hungarian NGOs.

An important change is the way organizations would receive the tax deductible status called "organization of public benefit". Whereas, so far it was bestowed upon an organization based on their stated aims and goals in their bylaws, the new legislation requires that organizations prove every year that they have adequate resources and support from society.

To prove adequate resources, the organization has to have either a positive pre-tax result or an average yearly income above 1 million forints ($5000).

To prove adequate support, two of the following criteria have to be met: