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On 26 June 2012 12:16, Béria Lima <> wrote:
Dear Wikimedians,

If you didn't read yet in the Signpost, The 2011 Picture of the Year competition has now concluded and we are happy to announce the results:

WINNER: A view of the lake Bondhus in Norway. In the background a view of the Bondhus Glacier as a part of the Folgefonna Glacier. (Lake Bondhus Norway 2862.jpg) by Heinrich Pniok (Alchemist-hp /, with 143 votes in the final round

RUNNER-UP: Self portrait of Tracy Caldwell Dyson in the Cupola module of the International Space Station observing the Earth below during Expedition 24. (Tracy Caldwell Dyson in Cupola ISS.jpg) by Tracy Caldwell Dyson (NASA), with 118 votes.

2ND RUNNER-UP: Cueva de los Verdes, Canary Islands, Spain. Reflection on water. (Lanzarote 5 Luc Viatour.jpg) by Luc Viatour (Lviatour). 57 votes

In the first round, there were 1395 voters for the 599 images in the competition. The top 36 made it to the final, where 1178 voters voted. Congratulations to all the contributors who helped create these beautiful works and make them available to the world as free content.

A complete list of the finalists is available at .

Thanks to all the voters for participating.

Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year committee