This Month in GLAM is a monthly newsletter documenting recent happenings within the GLAM project, such as content donations, residencies, events and more. GLAM is an acronym of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. You can find more information on the project at

This Month in GLAM – Issue V, Volume VI – May 2016

Africa report: Joburg, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana

Brazil report: Immigration Museum of Sao Paulo: first steps towards an open access policy

France report: Photography, a true hobby!

Germany report: "Licence hint generator" at WMDEs event series about legal issues

Italy report: A full month of activities

Latvia report: Edit-a-thon in Latvian Academy of Culture

Macedonia report: 1963 Skopje earthquake 300 photos

Mexico report: Forestry and the Longest Edit-a-thon in history

Netherlands report: Colonial images; Coutinho collection; Open Cultural Data; Netherlands and the world; NL Art History challenge

Norway report: International Memory of the world register; Speak Norwegian? Access to The National Library's

Spain report: Wiki Loves Earth; free resources; Pentathlon Wikimedia

Sweden report: LSH upload; World Wide Wikipedia; Nationalmuseum

Switzerland report: ETH-Bibliothek commences mass uploading campaign for photographs from the Image Archive

UK report: Oxford and Scotland

USA report: Archivist Award

Special story: Ted Speakers Challenge - Win Books!

Wiki Loves Earth Biosphere Reserves report: UNESCO and Wiki Loves Earth partner to run Wiki Loves Earth Biosphere Reserves in 120 countries throughout June

Open Access report: WikiCite; Fluorescent vertebrates; Insights into a singer's head

WMF GLAM report: WMF GLAM report

Wikidata report: We feel used (and that makes us happy)

OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey report: Survey results presented at conferences in Hong Kong and Montreal

Wikimania report: GLAM at Wikimania

Calendar: June's GLAM events

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