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the new bulletin from Wikimedia Italia (#46) is available.

Members of the association talked a lot in these weeks, and our official Members' Meeting is due in ten days! We also remember a Wikipedian friend who passed away.

As usual a link has been added to meta, at Wikimedia_chapters/Reports/Wikimedia_Italia ; raw text of the bulletin follows below.
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== Twice25 ==

We open this newsletter with a sad news. Some days ago Tullio Arecco, known on Wikipedia with the nickname '''Twice25''', passed away. He joined the encyclopedia back in 2003.

Twice has never been a member of Wikimedia Italia or sysop of it.wikipedia (except for a temporary assignment a few years ago to help in the clean-up of contributions in violation of copyright) because it was not the type who loved this kind of commitment, but he has always been an expert contributor and a pillar for the community.

Twice always had in mind that Wikipedia is made ​​up of people before articles: it was not a chance that the first meeting of Italian Wikipedians was held in Genoa, where he lived; Twice helped organizing and was the perfect guest. Our condolences go out to the family and Rina, his partner.

== Recent events ==
In the last few days, Wikimedia Italia took part to several events.

* The International Tourism Exchange (BIT, Borsa Internazionale del Turismo), held at Fiera Milano from 14 to 17 February 2013, saw two speeches in which Wikimedia Italia partecipated. Friday 15, at the stand of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, there was the Show X Conference, with a format similar to TED that addressed the issues related to new technologies, especially digital communication and open access, and their application to tourism. Maurizio Codogno ([[Utente:.mau.|.mau.]]), ''spokesperson for Wikimedia Italia'', talked about sharing, Wiki world and Open Content, with particular focus on the newborn project Wikivoyage and on Wiki Loves Monuments. He also indicated that the work of Wikipedian volunteers would be facilitated if the local authorities gave permission to take photographs of the monuments they manage as per Italian law, so that they may be used in a commercial environment.

* Also at the International Tourism Exchange, on Saturday 16 [[Utente:Frieda|Frieda]] (''chair of Wikimedia Italy'') took part in a debate on "Reputation Online, Direct and Indirect Network Presence"], describing the project "Adopt a word" dedicated to Wikipedia and developed by Emilia Romagna Tourism Office, describing the new opportunities that start with Wikivoyage and finally signaling Wiki Loves Monuments and their photos freely reusable also for tourism ventures.

* On February 19, [[Utente:Cotton|Cotton]], board member of Wikimedia Italy, attended the presentation of [http://www.veneto.beniculturali.it/gli-studenti-scrivono-wikipedia "Progetto Veneto in Wikipedia"], which was held in Padua, at the Einaudi-Gramsci Institute. Also members [[Utente:Conrad|Conrad]] and [[Utente:LCM|LCM]] took part in the meeting, together with Wikipedia sysop Aplasia as well as representatives of the regional branch of the Ministry for Heritage and Culture.

== Wikipedia and women ==

On February 21, initiative [http://caffeculturale.ch/wikimedia/79-wikipedia-e-le-donne Wikipedia and women] will be held in Lugano, organized by Wikimedia Switzerland and Associazione Caffè Culturale Lugano. Frieda (''chair of Wikimedia Italy'') and Emma Tracanella (''project manager for Wiki Loves Monuments'') are among the guests for the initiative.

== Members' meeting ==

Saturday, March 2, 2013, in the press room of Telecom Italy (Piazza Affari 2, 20123 Milano) the Ordinary Members' Meeting of Wikimedia Italy will be held. The meeting is open to everyone, but to participate you must register for free [http://assembleawmi2013.eventbrite.it on Eventbrite], where you will also find the program of the day. It takes just a minute!