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the new bulletin from Wikimedia Italia (#41) is available.
This time we write about Wiki Loves Monument aftermath, the preparation of third Open Data Day and the forthcoming celebrations for 10 years of CC licenses.

As usual a link has been added to meta, at Wikimedia_chapters/Reports/Wikimedia_Italia ; raw text of the bulletin follows below.
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WikimediaNews - no. 41 - December 12, 2012
Official bulletin from Wikimedia Italia Association.

Wiki Loves Monuments Italy in the world

Wiki Loves Monuments Italy has been a wonderful journey and still is: we started with a handful of "freed" monuments and we ended up with two pictures classified in the international contest! The image of the Teatro Comunale di Ferrara by Andrea Parisi came fifth, while the photo of the Baptistery of San Pietro di Asti was ranked fifteenth. More info on the blog of Wiki Loves Monuments Italy.

The great satisfaction of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 motivates us to design a competition even more exciting for next year. But we still need your support! This time you can help us without spending a dime, but simply by voting: we have passed the first stage of the contest "Che fare" ("What To Do"), and now we are trying to pass at the third stage. The winner of the contest will receive a prize of €100,000. Go to Che fare! site and vote for the project no. 31!

Wikimedia Italia at Open Data Day

Wednesday, December 5, the first preparatory meeting for the third Open Data Day was held in Bologna. The Open Data Day which be February 23, 2013; Italy will participate for the first time. It is a public discussion, with the aim of involving all those who have so far worked on open data in Italy in support of the activities of Italy Digital Agency. Many events will be organized throughout the country, and the main one will take place in Rome.

lettera27 for tenth birthday of Creative Commons

lettera27 Foundation celebrates 10 years since the creation of Creative Commons licenses, used by Wikipedia and all the other Wikimedia projects, with an event which will be held in Milan on December 14. lettera27 is a foundation that supports the right to literacy, education and more generally access to knowledge and information in every part of the world and particularly in its most deprived areas. Thanks to the collaboration between the Foundation and Wikimedia Italy, in 2006 project WikiAfrica was born, that this year has reached the goal of contributing to Wikipedia with 30,000 images and texts about Africa, released under a free license. This is a good reason to give thanks and celebrate Creative Commons.

News in brief

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