This Month in GLAM is a monthly newsletter documenting recent happenings within the GLAM project, such as content donations, residencies, events and more. GLAM is an acronym of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. You can find more information on the project at

This Month in GLAM – Issue IX, Volume VII – September 2017

Argentina report: Edit-a-thon in the Parque de la Memoria and new materials in Commons

Czech Republic report: 2017 Edit-a-thon in the Research Library in Olomouc

France report: Heritage Wiki Days

Germany report: Prepare Your data

Ireland report: New Irish partnership

Italy report: WikiDonne and Wikidata

Macedonia report: Three months WiR at the City Library in Skopje accomplished successfully

Netherlands report: UNESCO WiR in Middelburg and Amsterdam

Spain report: Culture and Citizenship

Switzerland report: Third Edition of the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon

Tunisia report: Wikipedian in Residence

UK report: Wikidata in Parliament

USA report: September Song

Wikidata report: Number crunching

WMF GLAM report: Running Edit-a-thons, Studying GLAM Uploads to Commons, Project Grants and more!

Calendar: October's GLAM events

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