This Month in GLAM is a monthly newsletter documenting recent happenings within the GLAM project, such as content donations, residencies, events and more. GLAM is an acronym of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. You can find more information on the project at

This Month in GLAM – Issue II, Volume XII – February 2022

Albania report: Traditional Food Photography

Belgium report: Shakespeare is dead - Contemporary playwriting festival; Public Domain Day Belgium 2022 (10/02) report

Estonia report: An examples of a visual storytelling – two virtual exhibitions

France report: Wikimedian in Residence in Clermont Auvergne

Italy report: New agreement for Wiki Loves Monument Italy 2022

Kosovo report: Traditional Food Photography

Netherlands report: New photo collections of Alkmaar, Wiki goes Caribbean meeting, contemporary art Wikidata import and knowledge platform for GLAMS

New Zealand report: National Digital Forum and Editing in a Time of COVID

Nigeria report: 1Lib1Ref 2022 Kwara

Poland report: New GLAM-Wiki partnerships and cooperations

Serbia report: A month in the sign of 1Lib1Ref

Sweden report: Additional photos from Swedish missionairies; Historical maps of Ukraine

UK report: Khalili Collections

Ukraine report: Stand with Ukraine!

USA report: Women's History Month activities

AvoinGLAM report: February in AvoinGLAM

Content Partnerships Hub report: Encyclopaedia of Life release their 2 million species descriptions under CC0

Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons report: Editing SDC with OpenRefine; Monthly OpenRefine and Wikimedia office hours

Calendar: March's GLAM events

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