Dear members of the international Wikimedia Community,

I would like to announce that Wikimedia Portugal’s General Assembly has elected a Board, as well as other statutory positions.

The Board is now comprised of:

João Vasconcelos – President

André Barbosa – Vice President

Cristina Couto Soares – Secretary


The official posts are compliant with legal requirements of Wikimedia Portugal, as a legal entity. However, according to an internal regulation change, the activity of Wikimedia Portugal will be coordinated without a hierarchical structure, with neither fixed positions nor formal responsibilities. 

Members are able to form temporary working groups for specific projects and to collaborate in areas such as: Coordination, Outreach, Communications, Computing activities, Treasury, Fund-raising and other actions.

Main coordination of activities will be made through an online collaborative platform, which enables communication between members, such as organizing tasks.  I’ll oversee these activities as executive coordinator.

This platform should be publicly accessible for the purposes of transparency, visibility of activities, and to encourage new members to participate in the Chapter activities.


Joao Vasconcelos
Wikimedia Portugal