Hi all,

It is my pleasure to announce the 2014 Round 1 Individual Engagement Grants Committee.[1]

With the 4 new members we added this week, the committee now brings experience and advice to IEG from a wider variety of countries, languages and Wikimedia projects.   

New members:

  1. AddisWang
  2. Mabeenot
  3. Nhasive
  4. Rubin16

Returning members from 2013 Round 2:

  1. Achim Raschka
  2. Ailura
  3. Anne Delong
  4. Bellayet
  5. Hahc21
  6. Ilario
  7. Jane023
  8. MikyM
  9. Ocaasi
  10. Pine
  11. Steven Zhang
  12. Superzerocool
  13. Whym

Congratulations and a huge thanks to everyone joining in to help evaluate 2014 Round 1 proposals!

Reminder for anyone with a project idea in need of funding: IEG proposals are due 30 March.[2]

Best wishes,
Harold A. Hidalgo
Wikimedia Foundation Individual Engagement Grants.

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IEG/Committee
[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IEG#ieg-applying